Sponsors 2023

Nous sommes très fiers de nos sponsors et nous les remercions vivement.
Nous serons ravis de vous les présenter.
Pour obtenir le dossier de sponsoring, contactez nous par mail mwcparis@outlook.com.

We are very proud of our sponsors and would like to thank them.
We will be very happy to present them to you.
To get sponsorship document please contact us by email  mwcparis@outlook.com.

Martello is a technology company that provides monitoring solutions to optimize the Microsoft Modern Workplace.
Martello Vantage DX™ is a single platform solution for Microsoft 365 monitoring. It prioritizes and resolves performance problems and optimizes the user experience. Whether your users are remote or at the office, Martello Vantage DX detects and alerts on any Microsoft 365 performance issues. The Microsoft-recommended software continuously tests all the critical features of Modern Workplace workloads to detect issues. Learn more: https://martellotech.com/